What is the WELLCOSA Institute?

The WELLCOSA Institute for Wellness Education is a one-of-a-kind online learning platform available to all. It is a self-contained on-demand learning solution that allows WELLCOSA Students to complete courses anytime & anywhere.

Do you offer Certificates for the courses?

Yes we do. Certification is through The WELLCOSA Institute and certain programs are also certified by the prestigious Chapman Institute.

How do I access my Learning Portal?

Use your WELLCOSA log-in credentials. You must be logged in to access access your learning portal anywhere on the site by clicking “My Profile” link under courses.

How do I complete a course on the Institute?

In 2 simple steps! You must complete all the course materials and pass the course quiz. These steps must be completed in order before you can begin the next step.

What are the system requirements to use the WELLCOSA Institute?

The WELLCOSA Institute is designed to work with just about any browser or device you want to use. Specifically, Internet Explorer (version 9 or later), Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari are all supported browsers. This site is also designed to work with desktop, tablet and mobile devices – allowing you to complete courses anytime and anywhere!

Who delivers the WELLCOSA Institute training courses?

The WELLCOSA Institute curriculum is designed by leading experts in the field of corporate wellness, to teach you the competencies necessary to build work class, results-oriented wellness programs.


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